What Type of Cigar Smoker are You?

As far as physical activity goes, you describe yourself as:

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The Adventurer

“Curiosity” is your middle name and your cigar smoking is no exception. Regardless of your flavor profile, you’ll try any cigar shared with you; reason being, you never know when a new favorite might show up.

You love to ask fellow smokers what they’re lighting up and gravitate toward bigger parties and gatherings. Smaller, quiet lounges tend to quickly lose their charm. The more people, the more interesting conversation, and the higher chance you’ll walk away with an awesome cigar.

You’re more likely to engage in an online discussion about cigars than to pour over a lot of reviews and ratings.

Keep the adventure going.

The Trendsetter

Whether it’s the best new cigars or the coolest leisure activity, you have an instinct for knowing what’s about to be hot and trendy. Let’s face it, you’re often ahead of the curve discovering what others haven’t yet found. Following the herd really isn’t your deal.

Your contact list is overflowing with people who feed you all kinds of information. And you can often be found sharing a stick or two with groups of other smokers from all different stripes. That conversation and collection of eclectic information helps you spot the signs that will set the next trend.

On social media, you’re connected with cigar makers and other industry insiders to get a sense of what they’re thinking and planning. There are several reviewers and rating sites with whom you also stay up-to-date. It’s all research and background for your personal pursuit of that next great discovery.

Stay out on the leading edge.

The Relaxer

Once you light a cigar, it’s your time to kick back and savor these first few creamy puffs of smoke. Yeah, you love the taste and the cigar lifestyle, but the big upside for you is those moments when the stresses of life recede just a bit.

You’re happy smoking with friends or chilling on the back deck watching the sunset. You enjoy talking about cigars with fellow smokers, but steer clear of debates about which cigars rule. Everyone has their own preferences, right?

Reviews and ratings are informative and entertaining. Equally important are the recommendations that come from your friends.

Keep calm and smoke on.

The Contemplator

Cigar smoking is equal parts ritual and flavor experience for you. In fact, there might be a touch of hedonism in your intense enjoyment and analysis of the cigars you smoke.

Most of your smoking takes place solo or in a quiet lounge where you can focus on the evolving aromas and flavors with each pull. Your appreciation of a cigar requires your full attention.

You study reviews and ratings for recommendations and may even have your own rating system. You like to keep track of the cigars you’ve smoked with a journal or an app, which makes it much easier to buy a favorite again.

Keep studying.